Updated BeagleBone Black MAME image available

I just rolled a new and improved BBB MAME image. This version is a minor update and includes the latest version of Debian and some tweaks to the MAME config that should improve game play. Special thanks to user berzerking for the desktop background.

Grab it from here: http://gencarelle.com/public_files/mamebone/mamebone-0.7.rar

Next build will hopefully see an improved front-end… pyrharckade looks very promising.


4 thoughts on “Updated BeagleBone Black MAME image available

  1. I don’t know what you did for this latest image but it runs so much smoother than the last one! Thank you so much! How do you create these images just wondering! Thanks again!

  2. I was wondering if you had a list of games that work with this version? I have found a few but I didn’t know if there are only certain roms that work…Thanks for the image by the way! its killer!

    • I dont have a working list but all the games I’ve tried so far will run with at least some success. The older games (donkey kong, asteroids, robotron, etc…) all work flawlessly, newer ones tend to run slow. My suggestion is to grab RomCenter (http://www.romcenter.com/) and use it to rebuild and test your roms before trying them on your BBB. Also, I run all my games from a USB stick rather than copying them directly to the BBB. This makes it much easier to build a list of games that you know work.

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